Russia has attacked Ukraine! We are ready to take over the maintenance of your marketplace to avoid ties with the terrorist country Maintenance takeover

Maintenance Takeover


My name is Ruslan Belziuk. I'm the CEO of Dumka.

We are a 100% Ukrainian company and we are ready to take over the maintenance of your CS-Cart stores and Multi-Vendor marketplaces to help you cut any ties with the country that has started a blatant attempt to conquer my homeland – Ukraine. We are refusing to make any further payments to russian companies, including CS-Cart itself.

How to Support Ukraine

  • Donate to the Ukrainian Army:
  • Support the fund "Come back alive" (purchasing ammunition and equipment)
  • Speak publicly and share the truth on your social media. Disinformation and propaganda are major parts of the Russian war.
  • Go to rallies in support of Ukraine in your city.

We didn't start this war, but we will win it. Our survival depends on it.

Slava Ukrayini!
Ruslan Belziuk